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Morley zx1e programming lead
Hi, I got all of the software on a disk with the panel

I was wondering if anyone could make me a programming lead to save me some money or if anyone had one they were willing to sell?

Also, does the standard programming lead allow me to use the panel with the software as a graphics system or do I have to buy some stupidly expensive converter etc for that?
The morley lead is around £125 to buy new, it has a few converters etc on a pcb in the plug.. A spare or second hand one is your best bet.
Graphics package is run of a 232 card (port B in panel). A 3 core cable with serial connection (for PC) is required - can be self assembled.
The morley graphics software is normally sold seperate, you usually just get the commissioning software on the disk
I have a lead going cheap.
Ah, in the manwall for the fire 6.6, it has a image of a virtual panel so I assumed you could control it virtually, might have to try and get a repeater panel instead!
Programming leads sorted :D Hopefully the manual isnt lying to me!
(25-07-2011, 11:21 AM)Dan24 Wrote: Programming leads sorted :D Hopefully the manual isnt lying to me!

have you read it properly or just looked at the pictures? Biggrin
I looked through the pics first, then read a bit of it :L
(26-07-2011, 05:19 PM)Dan24 Wrote: I looked through the pics first, then read a bit of it :L

yeah dan just looking around in the s/w for ya and there is a virtual panel but it dosent look very nice!

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