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Baldwin Boxall work experience
Yeah thats the kiddy, urgh thanks for reminding me the name -_-
We have one at school, I used to er "test" it... it goes "system in standby" and the panel is just green :O when year 7s used to push it, it bleeped a few times and then started speaking... No one could ever work out how to reset it
Keyswitch on the unit
They were there at the control panel for hours! Reminds me of when someone presses two mcps in, they push silence and it resounds beause of the second one, so there is always a lady at reception pushing reset every second on the panel so it doesn't resound while me and the caretaker change the glass! I tried telling her..
You get "system on standby" when the systems been set up to only accept calls when the fire alarm is active.
Thing is that it isn't linked :/ kids always go pushing them during fire drills thinking it will make the "bells ring forever"
Not sure what you mean?
The phone won't have any effect on the fire alarm. When i say linked, i mean the phones will only make a call the refuge panel when the fire alarm is active.

Alternatively they have a break glass local to the panel, that they push when there is a confirmed fire.
It's a conventional xenex, but I saw them removing the baldwin boxall panel once and there was no wire going to the fire alarm (it would of been red or white) unless they would of used twin and earth.

People always push the emergency button, they used to work but now they are on standby... So unless they are linked to the main xenex or have been altered since I saw them being installed which could of happened. I'll speak to the caretaker Thursday.

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