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Still me playing some more stuff.
Tell me what you think dudes Biggrin

it's Van Halen........

It's me playing all the guitars! Biggrin
Lies Loz...That's just the original Biggrin

You have quite a talant Yes
I wish!
sounds like Sammy Hagar to me
Nearly. Its David Lee Roth Biggrin

I managed to get hold of the backing track with the original vocals on it and mixed in the guitar parts myself (the pub was closed Cry)
thought he was the singer.

if that's you the axeman then respect Loz
Yeah dude I'm afraid the guitars are mine. Sorry. Biggrin

Sammy is a hell of a singer:-

1.1 David Lee Roth era (1972–1985)
1.2 Sammy Hagar era (1985–1996)
1.3 A temporary reunion with Roth (1996)
1.4 Gary Cherone era (1996–1999)
1.5 Hiatus from public (1999–2003)
1.6 Reunion with Hagar (2003–2005)
1.7 Second reunion with Roth (2006–2008)
1.8 A Different Kind of Truth and 2012 tour (2009–present)

And even though Roth seemed to write the best songs (which he did) I reckon Sammy could sing them better.

I had the "pleasure" of meeting Roth in my mates bar in Wolverhampton. He was wearing a gay blue waterproof jacket and came in for a beer after his show.

He was without doubt the biggest tw*t I have ever had the misfortune of meeting! What a w****r!

Not only did he tip my beer over but he did it again within minutes (when I ignored the first time he did it) and fronted up to me like a mini badass (with his security around him)

Needless to say I kind of lost in the end (Security) but not before Mr Roth was holding his nose whilst lying on the floor.

I hurt for a while aswell after Yes


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