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Which extinguisher?
I've just been on holiday in Wales and the accommodation had a water extinguisher in the kitchen between an electric oven with induction hob and a gas water heater. Surely water is not sufficient for using on these appliances?
No, that's really terrible and totally wrong, why would anyone want to go to Wales for a holiday? Also, should be ABC Dry Powder in Kitchens.
30 years in the fire industry, BAFE accredited, every FIA & BFPSA course, and still learning, but sparky knows it all!
You have not yet read the new BS 5306 - powders no longer to be sited indoors?
You're right - I haven't. What does it say?
says powder extinguishers no longer to be sited indoors!!!!! (can't find smileys on ipad)
5.4.3 Use of powder extinguishers

The discharge of a powder extinguisher within buildings can cause a sudden reduction of visibility and can also impair breathing, which could temporarily jeopardize escape, rescue or other emergency action. For this reason, powder extinguishers should generally not be specified for use indoors, unless mitigated by a health and safety risk assessment.

BS 5306-8:2012
the HMO my other half lives in has a powder extinguisher in every room!
its mostly occupied by students too so is going to cause a lot of inconvenience one day i'm sure!!
you are probably better off ignoring what i just said.
So, this:

[Image: S6xSDBu.jpg]

is a bad idea then?

(It's in my garage, that door leads into the house)
So if it's not powder, and it shouldn't be water, what should be in place to cover electric oven and a gas water heater?
2 kilo CO2 (or if you trust the sales literature water mist). If cooking oils are involved wet chemical (2 litre versions routinely available now).

You don't need routine Class C cover either as it's a specialist job to mess around with gas fires.

I'm ripping out powder extinguishers left right & centre since the change in the BS.
Anthony Buck
Fire Safety Technical Lead @ BAFE SP205 accredited company
Extinguisher specialist

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