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Which extinguisher?
Just to throw a spanner in the works.

You are quite right about the advice to remove them however ......

I did my 3 years refresher recently and when this came up the general consensus around the table was that it could be argued that in the majority of situations where a 2 kg was previously correctly specified and installed - it was unlikely that 2 kg was enough to reduce visibility to the same extent as a 6kg or 9kg. Eg in flats or caravans etc you would easily find your way out ..... it was just the general feeling however - make your own decision ....
and to agree with Anthony - I too have been pulling them out on most jobs
When some numpty decides that the powder extinguisher he has just used has caused him terminal breathing problems, who is he going to sue?
Answer - the engineer / company who have not replaced the Powder with CO2 or AFFF, like it or not we are stuck with it.

Where does "indoors" stop? Caravan site regs require a powder in a caravan but 5306 says you cannot have one indoors!

Is a factory or workshop indoors?
DP's not recommended for any non industrial application to be honest, especially not involving the public, or food areas. Food areas will have to be closed down and deep cleaned before allowing food to be processed again.

It seemed the defacto option a while a go to fit a 1 or 2 kg DP in a kitchen... not any more.
Thanks for the debate guys. I know bugger all about extinguishers but always willing to learn in case I get asked in the future.
Unless you have experienced an indoor powder discharge it's not fair to theorise, it's amazing how much billowing crap you can get from even a 2kg unit!

I will normally be happy with waiting until extended service to replace a powder with an alternative, but will remove immediately if either no replacement is required or it's been put somewhere of significant risk (healthcare,server room, place of assembly,etc)

The new BS is a salesman's wet dream as it involves a lot of additional cover and changing existing cover it applied strictly rather than part of risk assessed provision.
Anthony Buck
Fire Safety Technical Lead @ BAFE SP205 accredited company
Extinguisher specialist

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