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Dash cams FTW
got any video footage from your cams as an example before we buy loz?
you are probably better off ignoring what i just said.

This just popped up on facebook!!!!
And by 90ish you of course mean no more than 70... Because more than 70 is naughty. Lol
(24-07-2013, 07:14 PM)1019641 Wrote:

This just popped up on facebook!!!!

Say what you like about that... But seriously, well held! A flick more to the right and she would have been under that lorry... Bloody lucky.
[attachment=2125][attachment=2125]I got a dash cam of ebay for about 35.00 with an sd card for the memory which works fine.
It has rear and forward cameras and the videos are good quality.

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