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I owe LJarrald a public apology for not shipping him an item out quicker

Id like to publicly admit to failing to send a piece of equipment to him quicker.

Im sorry LJarrald that it was not sent to you quicker

What's wrong with a private're not Nick Clegg :)
...was there an issue with a delivery time?? Rolleyes
I'm thinking maybe
Phew not let's sort out Siria
the UK,s most humoured electrical company
Twitter: @rtindustria
It's just the Nerd getting his post count up Fus
Martin Wison
KGM Fire and Security Distribution Ltd.
Maidstone, Kent.
01634 716882
Lets take a vote .... for this heinious crime what should be the punishment ...your answers on a digital postcard please

my suggestion , flogging with a stocking full of wet lettuce
Fire & Security 30 + years experience ,
currently Tech Support Engineer for manufacturer
if i get me hands on a wet lettuce in some stockings, i wont be flogging it :)
Could post a video of an AN95 being megger'd and dying in a spectacular bang?
Whistle Admit to nothing, deny everythingWhistle
(20-09-2013, 01:32 PM)Kibeth Wrote: Could post a video of an AN95 being megger'd and dying in a spectacular bang?

Now that is both sick and twisted... Poor Nerd. Lol

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