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Now thats a foam extinguisher..!!
Wouldnt want to clean up after that one..

Youtube foam test video
open those doors and it'll soon move....
wow i want a go lol
Any opinions or comments i make, are my veiws and not that of my company or employer.

BAFE SP-201 accredited
LPS 1014 accredited

Every hanger at lakenhealth has these badboys
the UK,s most humoured electrical company
Twitter: @rtindustria
I thought fog bandits were good!
reminds me of that scene from scary movie
I did a system like that 4 year ago.The demo was fun as the pump sets were marked up wrong.some people got a just little wet.
another one.!!

Another one, but is it much use, if the fire is in an aircraft, where the fire is above ground level ?

foam party!!!!
dropped some fm 200 the other day, boss quite good about it "s**t happens" he says . then the company we were working for say some computer kit got damaged by a pressure drop when the gas went off. As only half got dropped like to know how we dropped the pressure with fm . think some people just take the ****

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