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My new kentec control master help
You have bought a panel from E- bay on the cheap.
You are now wanting to install it yourself.

But you expect professional advice from the People you are trying to bypass.

All posts are of my own opinion and knowledge and do not reflect the views of the Company I work for.
Guys just to shed a difference perspective on this, would this not really be a hobby system? Im assuming its in his own outhouse at his own house?
If that's the case then ignore my post now you shed some light on this.

All posts are of my own opinion and knowledge and do not reflect the views of the Company I work for.
Why would you be replacing an existingc Ctec panel if it's just a hobby . If it's just an "outbuilding" on a home system, stick in a Aico mains unit or two.
(27-07-2015, 08:10 PM)designguru Wrote:
(27-07-2015, 08:00 PM)Ben Wrote:
(27-07-2015, 07:32 PM)designguru Wrote: Are you a fire alarm company or installer, bear in mind that if your not then you're taking a very big risk and i am sure other will agree that you are better of leaving that to the professionals who not only can ensure it's installed properly but also its commissioned , designed and maintained properly in accordance with BS5839 Pt:1 2013

I have seem to many occasions where unqualified people have tried to do things themselves and it ultimately goes horribly wrong

I know the basics to the regs but I'm not doing it on a public property it's for the out building so
I know a few like ......

You can't put voice sounders in the same room as sounder as they can clash with each other.

It doesnt really matter if your doing it in out buildings or not, there is obviously a reason you are putting fire protection in there and you will have to take into account your insurers, they will void your insurance if you cannot produce all relevant documentations to show its been installed and commissioned by an accredited fire alarm company.

there are not really any basics, BS5839 pt:1 2013 is a very complex and involved document and anyone who says they know it inside and out is not being truthful.

What category are you installing to?

You are changing out a conventional panel for an addressable so how do you intend to create loops? radial circuits with Line isolators, connect eol or are you going to run zone monitors and keep it conventional?

If you are rewiring, what cable are you using?

Is your existing spur compliant?

The list goes on and on, Honestly my friend, i should leave it well alone and let the professionals look at it for you, i know it will cost money but believe me if anything goes wrong it will either result in you being prosecuted in one way or another or losing money when your insurers dont pay your claim.

Hi sorry not been online for a while

The work has been carried out in the shed which will be protecting all the outbuildings on our property.

I replaced the old panel because of the lack of functions and settings.

I had 3 options

1 not to have any fire detection system
2 stay with a cfp which I fitted about 2 year ago just for one shed but soon to be extended system to other out buildings.
3 getting a panel which is more than capable of doing a better job than a cfp.

I have made sure it's up to standard buy using fp200 gold
Using galvanised conduit clipped on the concretes of the fences and walls galvanised boxes etc

I'm aware this system protecting a domestic premise it doesn't have to be like commercial premises. But I've done it by the book.

I could have used cheap crappy smoke detectors but what's the fun in that it's fit and change batteries. Now I can test the system monthly.

And if a fire was to break out I'm pretty sure a standard smoke detector would be useless if it was at the far end of the property as I'm telling you, you won't hear it.

Thanks for the reply sorry I took so long.

(27-07-2015, 11:03 PM)Harni Wrote: Guys just to shed a difference perspective on this, would this not really be a hobby system? Im assuming its in his own outhouse at his own house?

Yeah basically
Fair play to you mate, if its in your own house then good effort!
Notifier ESD, Siemens Technology Partner, Autronica Specialist

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