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Advanced loop card short circuit testing
My engineer carried out some short circuit loop testing on a 4 loop Advance MX4000 panel and blew up 3 loop cards, anybody else had similar problems?
Yes. Don't even change devices with a live loop.
SCI in the advanced panels are shite.

(18-09-2015, 01:39 PM)Monkeh Wrote: Yes. Don't even change devices with a live loop.

Bloody hell lad, glad you said that - ive got some to do.

Does this include removing device and putting it back?

Can't believe these so called top end panels are so easily fluffed.
lol @ fluffed.
If by removing you mean clipping a detector out you should be fine. I've blown 2 in my time replacing base sounders. I'm also actually pretty sure I didn't even short anything, but it happened on two different sites about 6 months apart, first time I wrote off as a freak, but since the second time I always pull the loop when replacing anything I could cause a short doing.
And this was maybe 7 or 8 years ago, they might have improved since then. Pity because I really like the panels, and to be fair I've never been to a loop card blown during normal operation.
(18-09-2015, 01:39 PM)Monkeh Wrote: Yes. Don't even change devices with a live loop.

Flipping eck!

Although I generally ditch loop first on Avdel (and most others) it's normally just to stop the panel keep sounding the buzzer, never thought it would blow loop drivers.
30 years in the fire industry, BAFE accredited, every FIA & BFPSA course, and still learning, but sparky knows it all!
Got ya, thanks.
My lot blew 2 on one job and since then they pull the plug out.
This happened to me yesterday when servicing a 2 loop, luckily I had a spare card.
I always though Morley cards were bad!
Is problem is related to Mx4 only or someone have issue with Mx5 as well?

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