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Full-time designer VS. Outsource designer - Do you guys agree with difference?
(05-01-2016, 10:25 AM)Wiz Wrote: Lowvolteng, I don't want to seem pedantic but I have just had a quick look at your website (the technical information page) and I have noticed a number of small things that, as a person with a technical background, would deter me from using your services, if I was looking for such.
Under the 'killing two birds with one stone' tech tip you infer the distance of 15 feet is the same as 475m, the word 'close' is spelled wrongly and the whole article seems to me as just 'stating the blindingly obvious!' I.e not using two devices where the codes of practice distance recommendations would allow a single device.
Also, the other tech tip which you call 'Battery Calculation' has nothing to do with batteries but is actually a calculation for cable voltage drop.
I promise you that this is not a cheap dig at your efforts but an honest assessment. My belief is that when you are trying to convince technical people of your own outstanding technical ability you can't afford to make a single mistake in your information or not state the obvious as something to be impressed by.
Hello and thanks for your input. I found this site just doing a search and completely forgot about this thread. And yes, I understand your truthful input and appreciate it. It was a new site and I was trying to put up a bunch of blogs to fill some space. Thanks again, no hard feelings!
Bullshit content.

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